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Pink Photo Locations London

Let’s face it, Instagram is full of pink buildings, pink cafes, even a trees with pink flowers. Because for people like me, pink is a bit of a weak spot. SO here I give you, pretty pink locations to snap those Insta-perfect shots around London!

Love, Actually House

It is a classic. It is also one of the cutest houses in all of London, perhaps the world. So had to be first on the list. It is located on St Lukes Mews in Notting hill. You won’t miss it.

Westbourne Park Road

Right next to St Lukes Mews is the major road called Westbourne Park road. You will find a row of beautifully coloured houses along this road. One of which is, of course, bright pink! Please be mindful when taking photos with people houses. It is their home so don’t do anything you wouldn’t want strangers doing to your home. I tend to stay on the footpath for my photos rather than going up the stairs to their door.

Peggy Porcshen

I am sure you have seen this cute, little cafe pop up on your feed at least once! They have the cutest (and season relevant) displays PLUS the whole building is pink. Not to mention, their tea and cupcakes are just as photogenic and delicious.

Elan Cafe

Flower walls, unicorns, walls covered in candy hearts. I mean… need I go on? It is a pink, Instagram paradise! I visited the one in Knightsbridge, but they have a few locations around London. Each of them pink and adorable just like the others.

Maitre Choux

This gorgeous little cafe in South Kensington is so sweet! And I mean that in both appearance and taste! They have the prettiest and yummiest eclairs, and of course, have a couple of walls and even part of the ceiling completely covered in pretty pink flowers!

Saint Aymes

Another beautiful pink and floral cafe! The front of this store is sure to have appeared on your screen before. It’s beautiful cascading flowers make it hard to resist a pretty brunch pic. Also bonus pink points; here you can even order a pink UNICORN LATTE.

Notting Hill Gate

If you just wander the street around Notting Hill Gate, you’re certain to find some adorable colourful houses. A gorgeous street I found is called Hillgate place. Just next to that street is another fairly Insta-famous pink house, on the corner of Kensington Place and Jameson St. But honestly, just take a walk around Notting Hill. It’s all so gorgeous!

Portobello Road

Now. This street is full of colourful houses and even (if you are there in the right season) cherry blossoms! If you find the entrance to Portobello Road from Pembridge Road and walk down, you’ll come across number 24. Which has a cute pink door, and what’s even better is it has (again, in spring) and gorgeous pink cherry blossom tree right out the front! If you then continue down a little further to number 54, you’ll find a beautiful little house painted fully in millenial pink! Again, make sure you are respectful of people’s properties here. If they have gates make sure you stay on the outside.

Fourteen Trevor Square


This beautiful white and pink house in Knightsbridge looks stunning in photos! It has a pretty pink door and window shutters with some lovely greenery in a flowerbox to match. It is honestly what perfect house dreams are made of. (I haven’t made it there yet so photo is from lenajosefineb)

Pink Doors

There are random colourful doors all over this city! A couple that I know of are; the two pink doors near Columbia Road Flower Market at 17 Elwin st, and the pink door with LOVE above it at 48 Oakley street.

Now grab your best pink outfit and go and explore the pink hits of London! Tell me in the comments which of these spots you have/plan to visit! Do you already have a favourite? Or if you have even more cute, pink spots in London, share them with us below!

Belle xox

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  1. Siobhan says:

    Loving these pink places!!

    1. Belle says:

      They’re sooo pretty!

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