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48 Hours in Luxembourg

Not many people know much about one of the smallest countries in the world. Luxembourg is only 2,586 square kilometers, with a population of just under 600,000! To give you an idea on its size; Luxembourg is only 1.65 times larger than London. It is wedged between Germany, France and Belgium, which means they not only have their own language (Luxembourgish) but also use French and German as well. Sometimes we even noticed people using more than one in the same sentence!

It is definitely a beautiful, little country that I would recommend visiting! We scored £10 (each way) flights over a long weekend AND with cheap flights fairly often, why wouldn’t you go? Here are some tips and recommendations for your visit to Luxembourg.


Day 1

La Chemin De La Corniche

Also known as Europe’s most beautiful balcony. Not sure who got to decide that, but they’re not wrong! It is seriously stunning. Because Luxembourg is a layered city, you get gorgeous views all around the top but, if you want this specific spot you’ll need to walk along the street called La Chemin De La Corniche (it’ll come up on google maps). It is definitely worth the uphill climb from the bottom too!

Vianden Castle

Who doesn’t love a good castle? Vianden Castle is just under an hour out of Luxembourg city via public transport (only about half an hour or so via car I believe!) and well worth the trip. It is a very cute and classic, fairytale looking castle. The history is also so fascinating. Once you get to Vianden you can either walk up to the castle or get the chairlift. Which if you need an excuse to take the lift- the view is amazinggg! And it only cost about €5 to go up and the entry to the castle is only €7.

Day 2

Pfaffenthal Lift

The Pfaffenthal Lift is a free, glass lift that takes you from the bottom layer of the city up to the top. The view on the way up is stunning and at the end of the lift there is a walkway that goes out over the edge where even the floor is glass, so you can stand over the gorgeous view. It is definitely a good photo spot! When we went, it was not busy at all as most people use it for its actual purpose of a lift then leave.

Around the Centre Culturel de Recontre Abbaye de Neumunster

The Centre Culturel de Roncontre Abbaye de Neumunster is that stunning building with the tall spire that you see in many of the classic Luxembourg pictures. We went down to it and relaxed in the courtyard, which has these big yellow chairs. Then, on our walk back over the bridge, we got a few (which you know means a few hundred…) photos of the picturesque view. Take a walk around this area and along the water, it is so beautiful!

Bock Casemates

The Bock Casemates are the UNESCO World Heritage underground tunnels, first built in 1644. After the fortress was dismantled in 1867, 17 kilometres of the tunnels were spared and are now open to the public. You can pay €14 to go into the tunnels and see where people defended their country hundreds of years ago. They are not small tunnels so if you are claustrophobic (like me), you should be fine. Just don’t go up or down the spiral staircases – we attempted to but bailed because it was too small and dark! Toward the end of the tunnels is an open area with arches that line up and views to the side that look over parts of the city. This is a great spot for some photos!


Luxembourg is kind of expensive for food as the countries cost of living is on the higher side. For lunch on the first day, we went into a supermarket and grabbed some sandwiches, which were around €4/5. For dinner that night, we went to a restaurant called Ramen that, you guessed it, served ramen! It was super tasty and the meal we chose (which was the cheapest one) was €11.

Our hostel (Youth hostel Luxembourg City) included breakfast, so that’s where we ate the next morning. Then, for lunch on the second day we found an all-you-can-eat Japanese place called JS Sushi & Grill Buffet, and stuffed ourselves full of sushi and dumplings for €15. Then for afternoon tea because somehow we were kind of hungry again… we went to the Chocolate House and had some red velvet cake and a hot chocolate. It was soooo yum! The hot chocolates were the kind that have a block of chocolate on the end of a stick and you melt it into hot milk. They had sooo many flavours to chose from too. I had salted caramel milk chocolate and OMG. So good. Then we headed to the airport and thought we would just grab something there if we were hungry for dinner.

Now Luxembourg airport was pretty small, and once we got through passport control to get into the gate, there was one cafe. We ended up getting the last ham sandwich (only other option was tuna salad…gross), which we shared, and some crisps. It cost €6 for the pre-packed sandwich and €3 for the tiny packet of crisps! So I would not recommend getting food at the airport if you can avoid it.


Transport in Luxembourg is actually quite cheap and easy! You can buy a 2 hour ticket for €2 or a day ticket that is valid until 4am the following day for €4. These tickets are valid for every form of public transport throughout Luxembourg! There are plenty of buses running throughout the city too. It is a fairly small city so you can also walk to majority of the places.

Would you visit Luxembourg?

Luxembourg is perfect for a quick weekend getaway. I think it is often overlooked or forgotten about, but is definitely worth a visit! Leave me a comment below if you would visit this gorgeous little country, or if you had even heard about it before now!

Belle xox

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