Why do we travel? Why is it that some people are born with the burning desire to see the world? Why am I one of those people?

Think about it… We wake up at crazy times, struggle to fit our belongings into bags, line up and sit in confined spaces with hundreds of strangers for long periods of time, just to get to a different place to where we are. To go somewhere far away from what we know.

As a kid, I was always doing something. I was at a friends house, or I was doing something with friends and I did so many after school activities that I often only had one day where I would go home straight after school. I guess I’ve just never really been a home-body. Don’t get me wrong, sometimes I like just staying home and relaxing and doing nothing but watching Netflix all day, but more often than not, I need to get out.

Travelling has always amazed me.

I find it so exciting to be able to see parts of this world that are so different to what I’m used to. Australia is a great country, but our cities are fairly new and, with the exception of the Aboriginal historic landmarks such as Uluru, we don’t have a lot of very old, visable history. So being able to travel the world and see the ruins in Rome that are 2000+ years old, and seeing things in person that I had learnt about at school that happened sooooo many years ago, blows my mind.

Which is something I could not have experienced if I had just stayed home. It’s crazy to think how different each culture is, even in such close proximity to others. Look at Europe, so many countries so close together yet almost every single one has it’s own language, it’s own style of architecture and of course, it’s own amazing food! We are all the same species, yet depending on where we live, we are all so very different. This difference allows us to realise there are multiple ways of doing things and opens our minds to new possibilities.

Rome Summer 2018

Let’s be real, travelling can be stressful!

Sometimes you come home after a long trip and feel like you need a holiday! The planning and coordinating transport and booking hotels and spending money and trying to communicate with people who speak a different language and getting lost in a foreign place and… well there’s plenty of things that just go wrong. AND YET, we still do it!

Personally, I enjoy the planning process. I make detailed itineraries and spend days just looking through different accommodation options and places to go and things to see! (My travel buddies appreciate it greatly because they can just come along for the ride!) It gets me excited. That’s why I thought I would not only share blog posts on here but also the itineraries that I make. One; because I find them fun, and two; maybe they’ll inspire you for your trip! I can share the way I pick which accommodation to stay at, the places I think are more worth visiting and the travel routes I take. Not to mention, I’m doing all the research for you! So at least that takes a way a little bit of the stress and make’s travelling that little bit more enjoyable.

Paris Summer 2018

Of course, we can’t forget about the photos.

I’m not going to lie to you, photos are one of the main reasons I travel. In this day and age it really is; pics or it didn’t happen. As bad as that is, I don’t see a problem with capturing the beauty of different places around the world and sharing them! Which if you follow me on Instagram (Belleliddell), you would most definitely know already. As a daughter of a photographer, I can really appreciate a good photo and I really enjoy the shooting and editing of them too.

Speaking of my parents, I really have them to thank for my travel habits. As I mentioned, I get the creative and photography gene from my mother, and from my father (the financial adviser) I get my savvy bargain finding attitude. When I’m planning a trip I don’t just find a great place to stay, I find multiple. I compare them in price, location and of course just general aesthetic. Of course, want the best I can get for the cheapest price! Which means, I usually book flights and transport based on what’s cheapest. This is something I will show you through my blogs and itineraries.

So I hope you stick around and check those out! Please leave some comments so I can get to know you too and tell me; why do you travel?
Belle xox


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